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Lazy day.

Didn't really do much today... slept most of the day and attempted to watch the lastest Harry Potter movie with Liz, but my attention span couldn't handle it.

Yesterday I caught a block party in the 9th ward. A band from Boston called Ramming Speed played. They did the old school thrash/hardcore thing and had songs about pizza parties and carrot attacks. Fun band. I bought a cd and a 7" from them.

Also caught Black Rose.. great rock n roll courtesy of King Louie and ex members of the Detonations and The Scripts. Evil Army and Suplecs played as well, but I left after Black Rose so I could get to Fat City to catch Resurrection Man at The Bar.

Next weekend, M.O.D., Hawg Jaw, Haarp, and Ese are playing at The Bar. Should be awesome.
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