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Still kickin'.

So I haven't posted anything since October. Here is an update:

In December my step-mother (or former step-mother whatever the hell she is now) remarried. 4 months after my father passed away. I forced a sale of my father's house and am in the process of buying out her share. I will be moving in as soon as all the legal crap is taken care of. I know to those of you who don't know me or the situation with my family, this makes me sound like a horrible, horrible person who is kicking a poor helpless widow out of her home. I've been wronged for a very very long time and I just want what's mine.

I found out that I've been half-owner of that house since my mother passed away when I was 11 years old, and legally, could have come and gone as I pleased.. which would have been really handy when I needed a place to stay while I was leaving my ex but was told that I couldn't live there. Granted, I'm glad that things turned out the way they did... because had I lived in Marrero with my parents then, things wouldn't have fallen into place the way they have, and I'm very happy with the life I've led so far.

In April, I destroyed my old '87 Toyota Pickup. I was changing stations on the radio while driving from a job in Port Sulphur, veered onto the shoulder of the road and turned the wheel too hard when getting back into the lane. I lost control and flipped my truck 4 times. I didn't hit anyone/anything else, and the only damage I got to myself was a few bruises and some cuts on my hands from the broken glass. Here are some pictures:
picture 1 picture 2 picture 3

My new truck is a '99 Ford Ranger.

Still publishing Paranoize. My most recent issue features the beginning of a retrospective series on the 80's New Orleans underground music scene. I interviewed Greg Hatch who was vocalist for Shell Shock from 1980 to 1988. I'm currently looking for other bands/people involved in the scene back in ye olde days for stories, interviews, etc.
Next issue will have Scot Latour, who was the bassist/vocalist for Incubus (the old NOLA thrash/death band).

The booking thing at Outer Banks didn't work out. The neighbors were calling the cops and complaining about the noise for every show, and that's not something I or the bands should worry about. It was a great bar with great owners, just shitty neighbors.
SOOOO I'm back out of the loop as far as booking goes. I'm always on the look out for a place that will work with me though.
Other than that I've just been working, going to shows, hanging out with friends, etc.

So yeah.. maybe I'll post here more often.
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