Bobby (paranoize) wrote,

Still kickin'

I know I haven't posted here in awhile.. here's what's happening with me:

I'm back at the booking thing again... Saturday nights at a new venue called The Outer Banks at 2401 Palmyra (at S. Tonti) in mid-city. It's a small place. Bands play on the floor and there's a vocal p.a. which is sufficient. Only problem is, there's a neighbor living in a FEMA trailer across the street who keeps calling the cops because of the noise. He could easily just call the bar, or just walk across the street (I'm always outside working the door) and say something.. but he feels the need to get the police involved.. who can only come by and tell us to tone it down.
Other than that, I'm enjoying it.

Still doing Paranoize.. finally getting started on a new issue.
#22 has been out for a few months... there are still copies floating around the New Orleans area.
Interviews with Pitts Vs. Preps, Hawg Jaw, Rise Above and We're Only In It For The Honey.

Temporarily laid off of work. It sucks, but... what can ya do? I'll be back shortly.
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