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just venting.

so some of you know my dad has been in the hospital. (i haven't posted anything on here in awhile.) it looks like his situation was improving. he's not on the ventilator anymore, but he still has liver cancer, and his kidneys have still failed, and he's still going to be leaving us, we're just not sure how soon.

i get a call today around 10 a.m. from my step-mother saying that i have to go to the hospital because he's not going to make it through the night... blah blah. so i leave work and drive from chalmette to marrero.

it turns out that it's not that bad, and they're taking him out of i.c.u. and putting him in a room.

i can't keep leaving work like this.

i did kind of want to take today off though.
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Sorry to hear that...