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Alive and well...

Just dropping everyone a line to let y'all know I'm alive and well.
We went to Houston till the storm passed. fucked up our hotel reservation at the Super 8 in Baytown, so after Liz yelled and screamed and cried and cursed, they got us a room at the Hilton in Houston for the same price as we were playing for the Super 8.
Yesterday we left Houston and we're staying with friends in Lafayette till authorities tell us we can go home.
Last night I got a text message from Dre' (he had to stay behind because he works for a pumping station in Jefferson Parish) saying that my neighborhood was fine aside from downed trees, debris and no power or drinkable water. I just hope that my apartment building hasn't been damaged or looted.
Hope all is well with you.
Take care.
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glad you are ok, i have a post in my journal with info on new orleans people. check it out.
One down, about ten more to go...Glad you evacuated.
I'm so glad you're ok!!!!