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Nothing left inside.

Wow, it's been awhile since I've written anything in here.
I drove by Dixie Taverne yesterday and took a little piece of the busted up sheetrock that Holly's mural was painted on. I poked my head in the gaping hole that is still in the wall and I saw that the place is totally gutted, except for the red pole, and the disco ball(?!?!?). Still no official word on what the future of the place will be, but I'm hearing that the owner is going to make it a cheesy restaurant.

So... I'm trying to find a new place to book. I want another little hole in the wall in a rough part of town with crappy p.a., cheap beer and shady patrons with Black Flag in the jukebox. But, I'm not sure where that is. For now, I'm looking into Marlene's and Lounge Lizards.. maybe even a couple of little bars in Metairie, or an All Ages matinee at the Musical Voyage Compound on the West Bank now and then.

Since I last wrote, my friend Danny passed away. Danny helped keep me sane during my first marriage. He was the only friend I had in LaPlace. An amazing musician and a damn good friend/brother figure. I had been trying to get in touch with him for years, just to see how he's been, talk music, reminisce. The first time I hear anything about him, is that he died in his sleep the night before. The funeral was at Tharp Sontheimer on Causeway, which is where i said my last goodbyes to my mother, my aunt, my grandfather, and now my friend.

On the upside, I bought a new guitar and amp last week, and I'm working out 14 years of rust. Anybody want to play in a sloppy grindcore/sludge band? I feel the need to contribute to the scene even more.

Speaking of the scene, while things are slow, there is still loud noisy music being churned out in New Orleans. Since the storm I've seen Apartment 213 (playing their last show with that name),Aggro-Fate, Organized Hostility, We're Only In It For The Honey, Spickle, Face First, Suplecs, Hazard County Girls and Suffer Stream. There isn't a show every weekend, but things are still happening.

And, another issue of Paranoize is in the works. I had originally planned this issue to focus on Hurricane Katrina's impact on the scene, etc. but.... I feel that there's no use. Everybody knows what happened, everybody knows there have been changes. Instead of sitting around looking at the damage, we need to keep moving.
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