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relocating for a bit.

Yesterday I made a trip into Old Jefferson to get some clothes/cd's/papers to take to West Virginia with me for a month or 2 till it's habitable again.
The trip down airline highway was like an apocalypse movie... military everywhere, some buildings damaged, traffic signals down, most billboards are knocked over or bent, national guardsmen at every intersection with machine guns, helicopters taking off from the area around zephyr field and the saints training camp. turning down my street, you wouldn't even know a hurrcane hit. the same people that are always outside the white trash apartment building were there, lawn chairs on the sidewalk and talking. my building, with the exception of a rain gutter getting blown off and the pool water being a funky green color, is in perfect condition. my apartment is in the same shape we left it in, and my truck is still there. i am very fortunate. one of my downstairs neigbors who stayed behind put up signs reading "if you are not a resident, you will be shot" and was sitting outside with his dogs and a shotgun by his side.

i'm in kentucky now at liz's aunt's house. we got here about 5:30 this morning, and we'll be heading to west virginia tomorrow. on the radio, the parish president said that jeff parish should be habitable again in 4 to 10 weeks. i hope so... i know with parts of i-10 and the causeway being destroyed, i'll have a lot of work ahead of me.
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